“Anti-Socialism Isn’t Pro-Capitalism”

I’ve been saying this for years – especially since the Republicans refused to EVEN REPEAL Obamacare – EVEN though they wanted to REPLACE IT. Most of them have no idea what real capitalism is. ( See “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal”, by Ayn Rand. ) They pay it a lot of lip service, when indeed what we have us corporate cronyism. Left and right wing variants of fascism.

For example, who’s working on reducing the size of government, which has grown so much in recent years that it’s consuming so much of our money, that the average person now has less than $200 a month in disposable income, because the government is taking an overall estimated 50% of all they earn!

Who is working on balancing a budget for a change, and reducing the staggering national debt? ( Chuck Schumer warned to “not hold us hostage” with the cap on the national debt!” )

It’s all going to eventually collapse, folks, and take the global economy with it. Then they will blame the capitalists and inflict EVEN MORE Democrat “Progressive” ( Socialist ) / “Liberal”-Fascist / Communist tyranny on everyone, in the form of global government.

Unless people wake up and free themselves from both flavors of fascist government. – Kira Saoirse, in Colorado – author of “The Universal Individual Rights Project”. ( Read the book on Amazon. )

Anti-Socialism Isn’t Pro-Capitalism