The 16th Amendment Repeals The 13th

We’ve been saying this for years. Do you finally agree?
HOW in the WORLD did they ever convince the people of 3/4 of the states, to give up a huge chunk of their incomes, to support the ever-increasing growth and power of the federal government?
If another vote was held today, would the people of the United States REPEAL the 16th Amendment?
– Kira Saoirse, in Colorado – author of “The Universal Individual Rights Project”. ( Read the book on Amazon. )

The Income Tax: Still the Root of All Evil

3 thoughts on “The 16th Amendment Repeals The 13th

  1. Thanks for your reply. It would appear that the 16th repeals the 13th – at least on the tax issue, but I’d question whether the American people understood that, when they were somehow convinced to vote for it. It’s an interesting aspect, we think.

    But most modern Americans tend to think of slavery as something race-based, with chaining people up and whipping them. They don’t realize that forcing people – independent of race, to work even part of their lives, for someone else, is still a form of slavery. This is covered in the book, The Universal Individual Rights Project.

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