Hollywood and the Music Industry, From The Perspective Of The Rest Of Us

From the Facebook group with the above name, published here with permission of the moderator: Are you fed up with the “Liberal”/Democrat/Socialist/Communist propaganda machine that Hollywood has become? Perhaps the rest of us can use this group to finally make our voices heard! Hollywood: Are your profits suffering? We can explain WHY!

We’ve been discussing Marvel’s new Captain America movie, and why Rotten Tomatoes just stopped accepting reviews, before movies are released, because it was messing up the movies, when no one had even seen them yet. We’ve had a couple of movies that we didn’t see because of that, and were perplexed at all the reviews, before anyone had even see the movies, which hadn’t been released yet. But because of a discussion here, I think we got to the bottom of why, and what can be done by Hollywood!

Some members here, expressed that they were panning ( giving bad reviews to the new movie ) Captain Marvel. I asked why, and noted that the movie hadn’t even been released yet. Some mentioned it being a protest against SJW – Social(ist) “Justice” Warriors.

Again, I asked them; Have you seen the movie? It hasn’t even been released yet.

They clarified, that no – the actress playing the lead role is a SJW. Ohhhh! Now this is a very valid point.

#Hollywood needs to understand that when they make movies that are extremely biased in favor of Democrat “Progressive” ( Socialist ) / “Liberal”-Fascism / Communism, or that EVEN have famous actors in them, that are those types of people, they risk angering about half the American population, who then won’t want to see the movies, and MAY even give them bad reviews JUST because of that!

I, myself, relate perfectly to that, as I will not watch movies with the likes of Barbara Streisand, Whooppee Goldberg, Robert De Niro, Georgie Clooney, or Rosie O’Donnel in them! I think that they have contributed to the destruction of this country, and have so divided us, that I simply won’t watch or listen to anything they do, anymore. And this includes similar politicians.

So I questioned, why Hollywood would produce such biased movies and TV, which would risk angering half the American population, and those of us who feel angered, would not watch what they produced, and could even give it bad reviews – JUST because of their extreme bias and anti-American political agenda.

I think I know the answer. Because they SIMPLY don’t CARE. But WHY would they not care? Two reasons:
1.) They’re so filled with seething hatred against America, that they want to keep producing biased propaganda media, to destroy us.
2.) They MAY be calculating that there are billions of people out there in the rest of the world, who are so sold down the river of Democrat “Progressive” ( Socialist ) / “Liberal”-Fascist / Communism that they will LIKE what they produce, so half the American population won’t matter in the long run.

They already OWN and CONTROL about 90% of the media. It’s been my lifelong observation that, when Communists would take over a country, the very first thing they would capture, would be the TV and radio stations.

Well this has been done in the United States, by indoctrination of generations of school children. So literally billions of people all over the world, now believe what’s told to them by this biased, pro-Socialist media. Spoon fed.

“There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism – by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.” — Ayn Rand.

So the rest of us must now decide how we wish to oppose this impending tyranny, and it’s perfectly valid to express one’s opinions of this extremely evil political ideology, which could soon destroy the world and enslave us all.

From Hollywood and the Music Industry, From The Perspective Of The Rest Of Us!