Now Here Comes The Grandiose Socialist Fantasy – “Health Care For All”

Aside from the estimates that the “Green New Deal would cost $93 TRILLION, here we have the Socialists’ “Healthcare for All” fantasy, which would cost a “mere” $32 TRILLION. ( All of this, to come from looting “the rich”, we presume. Like a million ticks, sucking blood from a dog – except the dog doesn’t have that much blood.

“Representative Jayapal’s Medicare for All Act would replace nearly all current insurance with a government-run single-payer plan and extend that plan to those who currently lack health coverage. The plan itself would be far more generous than either Medicare or most private coverage, as it would include no deductibles or copayments, would not restrict beneficiaries to networks of care, and would offer a broad suite of benefits including dental care, vision care, transportation for disabled and low-income patients, certain dietary and nutritional care, long-term care, and other long-term services and support. The proposal also establishes a global health budget, moves away from fee-for-service and toward lump-sum payments for many providers, includes a number of measures to hold down drug prices, and makes a variety of other changes to the health care system.”

So it would be so amazing, as to also establish a “global health budget” too? At the expense of U.S. tax slaves?

But sadly, as always, these schemes rapidly disintegrate, when we ask the simple question; Who pays for them?

The massive amount of government growth under the Obama administration ( Oh, I forgot – we’re supposed to call it “creating jobs”. ) has already left the average American with less than $200 a month in disposable income, while those who work for the government make far more money than the average worker among us.

How Much Will Medicare for All Cost?