Wind and Solar “Renewables” Can’t “Save The Planet”, But We Know What Can!

I love this article linked below, by Michael Shellenberger – even though I disagree with him about the very premises “Anthropogenic Global Warming” or “Climate Change”. For example, carbon dioxide is not our enemy, because it is take up by plants, trees and grasses and made into oxygen. ( I might add to his article, the question of; how many of you have seen the videos of birds being instantly vaporized, by fields of solar tracking mirrors that focus on a tower, to boil water into steam, for energy? )

Aside from the horrible morality of taking money from the single mother who is working two jobs, to feed her children ( something the Socialists never seem to stop to consider ), “we” should not waste further money on the tax slave funded “renewables” of wind and solar. If something isn’t viable for private industry to do, it isn’t viable, and no amount of slavery to support it, will ever make it viable.

But the crown jewel of Mr. Shellenberger’s discussion, is when he comes to the realization, like so many environmentalists have, that we now have far different nuclear technology than the type that was involved in the disasters at Chernobyl and Fukushima.

“It turns out that scientists have studied the health and safety of different energy sources since the 1960s. Every major study, including a recent one by the British medical journal Lancet, finds the same thing: nuclear is the safest way to make reliable electricity.

Strange as it sounds, nuclear power plants are so safe for the same reason nuclear weapons are so dangerous. The uranium used as fuel in power plants and as material for bombs can create one million times more heat per its mass than its fossil fuel and gunpowder equivalents.”

Look up, for example, the number of people who die each year, from coal burning power plants. It’s estimated that 1.5 MILLION die in China alone! And the coal burning puts out nuclear radiation into the air, too!

Those of us who are close to the people who know and understand this new technology, refer to it as “safe clean modern unlimited nuclear”, because that’s precisely what it is. ( Google: MSR – Molten Salt Reactors. ) In fact, there are Facebook groups full of scientists and experts in this technology, using that same phrase. Look them up: safe clean modern unlimited nuclear.

Oh, and before you protest the waste issue, it’s now recyclable! And we understand that with the latest safe clean technology, they can build a nuclear plant that’s so safe that, in an earthquake, it could break off, and roll down a hill, and no radiation would be released! Remember, nuclear submarines and ships have been operating safely for many decades now!

“There is enough nuclear fuel to last far longer than man will inhabit the earth.” – Physics Professor Emeritus Dr. Howard Hayden, author of The Energy Advocate. ( He told me 2 billion years! )

So please check out the full article linked below, and the Facebook page and group “safe clean modern nuclear energy”, and push for safe clean modern unlimited nuclear energy – the true and viable “alternative energy”. And it requires no tax slave government funding – only an end to the endless obstructionism by “environmentalists” of the past, who still haven’t “gotten the memo” about the new technology, as we understand that a former President of the Sierra club has.

These safe clean and modern power plants can even be done with pre-packaged and pre-approved plans, and build en masse, all over the world. No government funding – just quit obstructing and get out of the way, and they will be built.

Why Renewables Can’t Save the Planet