Movie: Captain Marvel

We went to the theater and saw Captain Marvel today.

Now being, as the author of The Universal Individual Rights Project, I have a vast network of information sources, and people I know, I happen to have gotten to the bottom of something that has been puzzling many of us, for some time now. Many new movies have been getting tarnishing reviews, before they even come out, when almost no one has been able to see them. It’s been very odd. Well now I know why.

We’ve been involved in what I refer to as a “Civil Cold War”, here in the U.S., essentially between pro-liberty, pro-Constitution factions who like and admire most things about our nation, and Democrat “Progressive” ( Socialist ) / “Liberal”-Fascists / Communists, who would be more inclined to eliminate the United States and globalize everything. ( You think you have problems now! )

So these two bickering factions have been locking up the functionality of our government, and generally messing things up, for years now. And I found out recently, that their fighting has bled over into movie reviews in recent years, too.

So a close friend was telling me, the other day, that Captain Marvel has been getting a lot of bad reviews, before it even came out. Why? They’re saying that it’s because Brie Larson, the woman who plays Captain Marvel, is an SJW ( Social Justice Warrior ) in real life. For those not yet familiar: says “Social justice warrior (SJW) is a pejorative term for an individual who promotes socially progressive ( In my view – a term for “Progressive Socialist” – look up London School of Economics, Shaw, etc. ) views, including feminismcivil rights, and multiculturalism,[1][2] as well as identity politics.[3]

Now, as a philosophical Objectivist ( the philosophy of Ayn Rand ), I think that everyone should have equal rights under the law, and I am so, so against racism. ( Rand had a whole page full to say about that – one of the best arguments I’ve ever read, and I agree 100% ). But many people refer to SJW as “Social(ist) “Justice” Warrior” too, and much of the reasoning behind that comes from the parts of SJW that see humans as a blight on mother earth, to be eliminated, think that white people should be paying “reparations” to black folks, for slavery, which happened 200 years ago, of that “people of color” are “victims” of white people in this world. Oh, and that white people should feel “white guilt”. Then there’s the Socialist redistribution of wealth aspect, blaming anyone who has money, for the plight of those who don’t, and suggesting looting those with money, and redistributing it to those who don’t.

I have problems with those things. First, I’m totally against what I call collective blame and collective guilt. Take, for example, slavery 200 years ago. My family arrived here around 1900, so they certainly weren’t responsible for it, and I’m certainly not, being I was born way after that. But SJW’s often demand that those who weren’t responsible for slavery, pay back those who weren’t around during slavery, and that’s just irrational and wrong, in so many ways.

And as for “people of color” being “victims” in this world, it’s been my observation that wearing the cloak of victimhood can totally destroy one’s life, and actually be a way of someone keeping themselves down. If people make a point of becoming literate and emotionally functional, and subscribe to a good philosophy ( I recommend Objectivism, because it’s the only philosophy that I’ve ever found, that I can agree with 100%, and I think it’s the best, for liberty, peace and prosperity. ), well I think there are very few limits on what they can do, or become in this world – mostly self limitations.

And I’m totally for the right to own private property, including what we spend our lives to produce – our money. I don’t want someone saying that they should seize mine, at gunpoint, and give it away to someone else.

Yes, there are actually parts of the world where slavery and oppression still exist, and we should denounce and renounce it, wherever it does, and try to help free people from it ( the very purpose of The Universal Individual Rights Project. ), but that’s an ongoing effort.

But here’s what I see as the crux of the matter, with this movie, and I think it transcends the movie itself: We in the United States have been purposely divided, for the purpose of conquering us. Our “rulers” ( and yes, I think we’re to the point of being ruled now – it’s become that bad ) love nothing less than having us at each others’ throats all the time, bickering and fighting. And I don’t think that the important issues can be solved by compromising, because fundamental liberty should not, and cannot be subject to compromise, or it gets compromised away.

So my first point, in all of this, is the movie itself. If we decide to boycott any, and every movie that has someone whom we don’t like the politics of, well we will likely never be able to watch many movies or TV shows. Given that, we went to see the movie or ourselves, and we agree that the IMDb average of viewer ratings – a 7 on a scale of 1-10, was pretty accurate. It was a decent movie if you like sci- fi and the Marvel Universe genre – despite its political and philosophical biases.

But it had transcendent value to me, because it stimulated my thought about the above issues and the megapolitical realities involved.

I agree with what many Objectivists have been saying for years, that we absolutely must understand Objectivist philosophy, and reason, and that bickering and fighting won’t win this battle – only offering a better philosophy, and reason will. After reading most of Ayn Rand’s books, and learning a bit about logical fallacies in debating others, I think that I know how to use reason against such fallacies, and the kinds of philosophies that keep most people in this world poor and enslaved. Yes, philosophy is everything.

So when I do discuss issues with someone on the left, I can win with reason, and if that causes them to be like “playing chess with a pigeon”, and they kick over the chess board and poop on it, and walk away feeling proud, well so be it, because I’ve won the reasoned argument.

So I want to reinforce and put forth to you, that only by learning this philosophy, which has been described as “the philosophy for living life on earth”, and spreading knowledge of it in the world ( something that many of us are working on ), we will actually be able to save the world from sinking into tyranny, and loss of true human rights, from which humanity may never be able to recover.

So get out and relax a little, if you can, and read up on Objectivism, and of course The Universal Individual Rights Project, which is based on it, and quit lowering yourselves with these purposeful distractions of bickering, while the enemies of liberty keep working against us behind the scenes. Philosophy is your greatest weapon against tyranny, but you must realize that, and learn to “use the Force” that it will give you. – Kira Saoirse, author of “The Universal Individual Rights Project”. ( Read the book on Amazon. )

And if you do go to see this movie, it has a couple of extra scenes – one after the main movie, and a funny one after the credits, which most people in the theater missed, because they left and didn’t wait for it.