The New Zealand Mosque Massacres

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

New Zealand has tougher gun laws than the United States, but someone committed mass murder this past day, so they think that they need even more right to keep and bear arms infringement laws now.

There was just a video of one of their officials responding in the media, reassuring people that, “We will protect you”.

Oh? Did you protect them during these massacres? So doesn’t that prove that the government can’t possibly protect all of us, all the time? ( Maybe they can hope to protect high government officials. )

No, unlike Senators and other government high officials, those of us who don’t get 24/7/365 government protection must defend ourselves, and, you know what? It’s a universal HUMAN ( individual ) RIGHT to do so! Whether particular governments recognize that right, or not. When they won’t recognize our human rights, it’s known as tyranny.

The whole premise of the Universal Individual Rights Project is that individual rights don’t just belong to Americans – they are universal and belong to ALL people.

It’s our position that no free adult should be denied the Human Right to Keep And Bear Arms for their defense, and for the defense of their loved ones, and countries. When people are denied these human rights, they very often fall victims to various forms of tyranny. ( The Holocaust, Stalin’s starving to death of 17 million Ukrainians, Mao’s killing of 70 million Chinese – just to name a few. 2 million in North Korea. The horrible situation now, in Venezuela, where they may soon be reduced to cannibalism. ) And we’ve heard it said that; “When they tell you to get into the cattle cars, it’s too late”.

So it’s our position that ALL gun laws ( INCLUDING REQUIRING A GOVERNMENT LICENSE – PERMISSION for CONCEALED CARRY! ) should be repealed immediately, as they violate human rights.

This Project firmly states that:
“The right of Free Adult Individuals to keep and bear arms Shall Not Be Infringed.”

We at The Universal Individual Rights Project condemn, in the strongest terms, those who commit evil acts in this world, and those acts, but we are against collective blame and collective guilt ( We do not, and will not, accept blame and guilt for what others do, as that is often the excuse for imposing tyranny! ), and punishing the 99.994% of good people for what an extremely tiny minority does, with the infringement of their HUMAN RIGHTS.

So in this instance, we also condemn those who are blaming President Trump for what someone else did. There are always bad people who support any and all given political leaders. Every single one of them. How dare these opposition people blame President Trump, because he recognizes an illegal invasion of our country and wants to stop it and defend our borders, like the Constitution demands that he should?

So we now call upon the foaming-at-the-mouth authoritarians, all over the world, to STOP DANCING IN THE BLOOD OF THE VICTIMS of every evil act like this, and calling for our HUMAN RIGHTS to be further abolished.
– Kira Saoirse, author of “The Universal Individual Rights Project”. ( Read the book on Amazon. )