The Real Danger of “Sanctuary Cities”

This controversy has been swirling around for quite awhile now, but I’m not sure that most people fully understand the true dangers of it.

A “Sanctuary City” is essentially when the electorate of a city decide to unlawfully declare it immune from certain federal laws of the United States.

Think about that for a minute. The city still receives all the entitlement benefits of being within the United States, but declares itself immune from selected laws of the United States.

That means that they can still get welfare funding from the U.S. government, and they can even declare that their immunity allows illegal aliens to come there from anywhere in the world, and be allowed to vote in their elections – even in federal elections, in which the illegals can vote for more entitlements like welfare benefits.

It sets a very dangerous precedent, if allowed to continue. Should anyone in the world who sets foot illegally in the United States, be immune from being picked up and deported, be allowed to vote in our elections, receive welfare, and even walk into an emergency room and demand medical care, but not have the money or insurance to pay for it? It’s a recipe for destruction, and I think that the radicals in the Democratic Party know that, and approve, because it fits their agenda, of ending the United States.

Keep in mind, that the city doing this is still entitled to federal funding for a myriad of things, and to be defended by the U.S. military, but they have essentially declared themselves to be immune from U.S. laws, in several ways, and may even expand that list in the future.

And what next? Imagine the next step, where such cities might declare themselves to be independent empire states, from U.S. laws, yet still entitled to all of the benefits of collecting money from the United States, to support their unlawful empires. Where will that end up?