What You’re Up Against, Without The Universal Individual Rights Project.

Does the article below even include things like all the regulations ( yes, “laws” ) issued by federal agencies like EPA?

The bottom line, people: Without adopting The Universal Individual Rights Project ( which contains a Sunset clause for laws! Laws not renewed would drop like flies! ), there’s absolutely no hope of ever even reading all of these laws, yet alone eliminating all of the bad ones – the ones that suck away your income and liberty – and “draining the swamp”.

“If anyone were to take the time to read the Federal Register of Laws, in which all laws passed by Congress are recorded since its first session in 1789, and they read an average of 700 pages per week, it would take them over 25,000 years to read them all. This number becomes even more daunting every two years, since Congress passes an average of 2,000 bills during each session. In light of this impossible task, the old adage “ignorance of the law is no excuse” is completely unreasonable. As a matter of fact, this quantity of laws makes unwitting lawbreakers out of every person living in America. Consequently, to claim all these laws are necessary is either a gross exaggeration or an outright lie, because in many cases Congress has exceeded their constitutional authority in passing them.”